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Friday, January 30, 2015

New Website

Please visit us at

We will keep this site up so you are free to look back at all our puppies since the beginning in 2008!

Thank you!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Huck and Greta's last litter SOLD

Huck and Greta are pleased to introduce 10 bouncing beautiful babies born 6/17/14. Huck is a 65lb f1b chocolate doodle and Greta is a 50lb black f1 doodle. This is a proven combination, having allowed allergy suffers a great companion, those who hate shedding a best friend, and even those who want an excellent trainable dog for 4H or hunting, these are top notch!  Pups have dewclaws removed and will be up to date on shots and worming. We do lots of loving on them with my three young kids plus we intentionally expose them to various sights, sounds, textures, and such to aide in transition and an overall well rounded dog. They are in our home as part of our family before they become part of yours!

We do ship, although we prefer if you fly into indy or Fort Wayne and we meet you there to carry on the pup. We are 3.5 hours from Fort Wayne, 2 hours from Indianapolis, and less than an hour from Fort Wayne.

Pups may be reserved for a no refundable $250. This reserves your picking order. Pups will be picked the weekend of July 12th so that coats and personalities are more visible. You may visit us to meet the gang or you may pick from pictures and videos. Pups will be ready to leave at 8 weeks - August 12th or the weekend following.

We welcome questions and are so excited to meet the 10 lovely families these pups will have!

3 week pics show pups first exposure to grass...time to start introducing new sights and sounds and soon we will begin paper training and softened food drenched in puppy formula.  They are doing wonderfully!  Please call to set up a time to see them and reserve yours!

5 weeks. Pups are loving eating puppy food, drinking water, playing outside when it's cool, wrestling with each other and are generally so fun!  We spend a lot of time playing with them but also just observing them to watch interactions, healthy eating, sleeping, and eliminating patterns. They are doing excellent!

6 weeks - choc female SOLD, yellow female SOLD, black silky curls female SOLD, wavy black female SOLD, choc curly male pending SOLD





 Pending ...

Monday, April 21, 2014

Huckleberry Finn SOLD

In light of keeping 3 of Huck's daughters, and in an effort to keep these doodles our pets first with puppies as a wonderful hobby, we have decided to look for another family to love on Huck and hopefully even let him produce some wonderful puppies in a setting similar to the love and care we give!  He throws many colors, an even mix of males and females, and wonderful temperaments. He have given us a litter of 7-11 pups each time we planned on a litter. My mothers have never had trouble birthing his pups. He loves fetch and love love loves attention and being petted.  The beauty is proven!
He's the chocolate guy!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Goldie's last litter 3/27/14 Sold!

9 beautiful new pups are here!  They will be ready for new homes May 22 and will receive all the love, care, and necessary socialization and stimulation needed to nurture the optimal puppy prior to coming to your home from ours!  You may reserve your picking spot today!  But your actual puppy will not be determined until 4weeks- April 26th weekend. This will allow you to see their coats and peak at personalities!

All pups are now sold to terrific homes!!  Thank you!

We have 4 black males, 2 black females, 1 yellow male, 2 yellow females!

Reserves (desire does not lock the family into that choice- it simply gives you an idea)
1. Journeycreek - will keep a yellow female if we keep one
2.  Hillary- curly black male
3. Anne-  yellow female
4. Kelli- yellow male
5. Lisa- curly black female
6. Tim- black male red collar
7. Jessica- black male blue collar
8. "  Bennie"- the little black collared male
9. Dan and his family!- little black female

For more pictures, please find us on Facebook!  Trisha journeycreek!

Here are the last two for adoption-

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Beautiful puppies born Dec. 28, 2013 sold!

After almost a year of no puppies, we are delighted to be loving on 7 beautiful 2nd generation doodles!  Greta, mom is a 45lb black f1 doodle and Huck, dad, is a charming 65lb f1b doodle.  This a perfect combination of less shedding than the f1 crosses with more equality of the breeds than an f1b!  We love their easy going, highly intelligent temperaments and have had great luck with 3 generations of a healthy lineage right here in our home!  We have 6 girls; 2 black, 2 yellow, 2 chocolate!  We have 1 yellow male this time.

To reserve a pup, it will be a nonrefundable deposit.  This will reserve your order of picking out a puppy.  The puppies will be available to visit and select at 4 weeks/ January 26th.  If you can not make it here, we will happily provide several pictures and descriptions as best we see.  We have found this 4th week is when we can best begin to see personalities and coat types and hope it will provide you with the most educated decision for your new forever pet!

Find us on Facebook for almost daily updates!  Trisha Journeycreek!
New video on fb!

1.Journeycreek (yay! a beauty to stay like our Zuri)
2. Hoffman
5. Scott and Cat
6. Amanda
7.For Adoption still!!!  1 black silky curly girl- fun and playful (she is pictured at the end of the pictures at 4 weeks old)

Here is one of our doodles Zuri snuggling with our newest addition Ivy!  Zuri has a fresh hair cut!

 A common position you may find a doodle from us in!

Pictured are the two black girls at 2 weeks

Pictured are the two choc girls at 2 weeks

Friday, April 19, 2013

Goldie's Pups born 4/13/13 & ready 6/1/13

These two males with wonderful wooly coats still left for adoption.  Yellow male is bigger (65lbs full grown) and more mellow while black male is smaller (45-50lbs full grown) is a more spunky.  Both would be great family pets!  Don't miss out on these jewels!

I would like to introduce you to some super sweet beauties that we are just in love with!  Goldie and Huck have added 9 wonderful doodles to our home for 7 too short weeks, so if you are looking for a forever pet, you have found some wonderful little ones to choose from.  Goldie and Huck both run every bit of 65 lbs and we expect the pups to as well.  A few are much smaller and may pick up Grandpa Romeo's 45lb stature.  They have had dewclaws removed and will have first shots and worming and be paper trained.

NEW POLICY - All puppies will now be sold on a spay/neuter contract (while we assumed they all went to strictly pet homes, we never knew for sure).  If you are seriously considering breeding, their is a price difference and we will determine if the pup seems like a potential breeding dog and if they will be sold as a breeding dog.  This is for the health of your pet and our effort to keep doodles out of rescues.   We LOVE our doodles and thank you for respecting healthy and responsible pet care.

So, let's meet the pups! (all look nice and curly; fleece to wooly but I will call them all fleece the lesser of the curly until they grow a bit) ***most recent picture is 5 weeks old***

 #1 Biggest Yellow wooly (a fluffy coat) Male

                              I just ate in this pic, dont mind my wet messy face - I really like puppy food!

#2 Yellow wooly Male SOLD

                                           I love the way my hair spikes up on top - I'm so fluffy

 #3 Biggest Black wooly Female SOLD

                                             I'm going to have darling big curls with my silky hair!

 #4 Smallest Black Fleece Female SOLD HOBBS

                                             I'm a sweet sweet peanut!

 #5 Black Fleece Female SOLD PETERSON

                                                     Hi Mom!!

#6 Smallest Black Wooly Male

                                                I'm still smaller than my brother but catching up!

 #7 Black Fleece Male SOLD McNamara

                                                    Big Boy!  Lovin' life!

                                              My owner's first baby...going to be spoiled! ;)

 #9 Red Fleece FEMALE- STAYING AT JOURNEYCREEK!!  (we now know your excitement, we are so thrilled!!)